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First, I think I might have got my cholesterol numbers a little wrong. My total cholesterol level may be 270 with HDL around 70 and LDL around 200. I have to check with my doctor next time I see him to make sure. I am quite sure about the LDL level. It is the HDL level that I am not quite sure whether it is 70 or 80. Sorry.

Anyway, I am feeling much better after reading all the supports and advices. Thank you.

I was very scared that I might have to be on statin for life. But now I know that there is still a chance that my cholesterol level can be lowered with a healthier lifestyle.

As I have said in my previous posts, I was living really unhealthy for the past 2 years and gain more than 15 pounds during that period. After I discovered I have high cholesterol level at the end of July, I started jogging 30 or 40 minutes a time and 4 to 5 days a week. I also started to eat more healthily. (No more cream biscuits, chocolates and tarts!!). Now, I lost 15 pounds.

My plan is to take the 10mg Crestor every other day until my next appointment with my doctor, which is about mid-Oct. The I will stop taking Crestor and see how does my cholesterol level go. Or should I just stop taking it now? I could use some more suggestions :)
He did ask me to cut down the fat in my diet and exercise more. His opinion is that my cholesterol level is off the chart, so I have to get the level back to normal fast with the help of Crestor first and will take me off Crestor after 3 months. Anyway, he suspects that my high cholesterol level is genetic.

I didn't eat anything for more than 12 hours before the test and I was quite nervous during the test. Actually I started excercising and cut down on fat a week before the test.

I am planning to take the 10mg Crestor every other day until mid-Oct. Do you think I should stop taking it now? How long does it take to see any results with just low fat diet and exercise?

[QUOTE=Magpiezoe]Try a different doctor. It doesn't really make sense for him to just put you on medicine and expect the medicine to do all the work. Even if you have to be on medicine, you still have to be put on a low fat diet and exercise or it's not going to go down very much. What about niacin instead of the stains? Also, it is normal for cholesterol to be higher as we reach a certain age like 70.

Was this cholesterol reading done on at least a 12 hour fast? What did you eat the day before? How stressed out were you? All this has a barring on your test results.[/QUOTE]
[QUOTE=elsie3205]Even with a HDL of 70, your ratio is still under 4. I don't see why your doctor would prescribe crestor at this point.[/QUOTE]
To Lenin and Pivly:

Thank you for your advices. I think I'll take Crestor every other day till mid-Oct to lower my TC first. Then try natural methods for 3 to 6 months. I found out that salmon and green tea are good for lowering cholesterol and raising HDL, I'll give them a try.

Since my HDL and LDL:HDL ratio don't look too bad and I don't have any histories of heart diseases in my families, I hope I'll be alright for the time being. After I have my next blood test, I'll post it here to let you know how I am doing.

About my triglycerides, my doctor never mentioned anything about it. May be he didn't test it. Is it important to my cholesterol level?

[QUOTE=Pivly]Did you say what your triglycerides were at? Despite my bad numbers my triglycerides were actually within normal range at 140.

I think you'll get a hundred different answers from a hundred different people on whether or not to take the medication. Personal choice I think.

For me I would rather try something natural and if that doesn't work then go for the drugs. I don't know what difference 3 months will make one way or the other (I am no doctor though! Many people wouldn't take the risk). I figure if there is absolutely no change in 3 months then I will start taking the drugs because I know I will have tried everything else within my power to fix the problem and use proper accurate testing procedures.[/QUOTE]

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