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Sep 17, 2006
I am age 39 male, 6' 195 lb male with about a five year history of untreated cholesterol >250. My family doctor placed me on Crestor 5 mg about 3 years ago and it brought my cholesterol below 160. At the start of this year, I began feeling the negative effects that many of you have described on your posts (esp. achy knees, calves, hamstrings and just a plain negative thought process). I stopped taking it and supplemented with COQ-10 after stumbling upon such research about it. COQ-10 worked well and I'm feeling much better but I'm still thinking of taking it again because of what I've learned about it. My doctor still wants my total below 200 so he put me on 500 mg Niaspan (prescription Niacin) for 30 days and then 1000 mg. For anyone who has never experienced the true Niacin flush, I certainly hope you don't ever have it! I never saw my labs with Niaspan because I couldn't handle the flushing. I did try Flush-free Niacin 1000 mg a couple of years ago and it did not work (for me).

I have recently begun supplementing with Vitamin C, E a GNC multi-vitamin, flax seed (powder), wheat germ . I have used fish oil tablets and drink a few glasses of red wine per week too. I have been reading more about Policosanol and am wondering if others have successful results with it. Quite frankly, the lab results sound too good to be true (in both reducing bad and increasing good). I do know that there is much criticism of it because many of the studies have come from Cuba and it is a natural byproduct (I think?) of sugar cane. Also, please feel free to offer advise on what I am presently (or not) doing with regards to my cholesterol. If it helps, I take 300 mg/day for high uric acid (pseudo-Gout).

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