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Re: Policosanol
Sep 17, 2006
[QUOTE=BamaC]Gee, I hate to hear that the flush-free niacin didn't work for you because I just today started taking it. I'll be working up to 1500 mg. daily. Let's hope it works for me. Re: the policosanol, I took 20mg. daily for 6 mos. and my TC went up 4 points. However, the HDL also increased, triglycerides dropped 40 points and the risk rate fell back into the normal range. All in all, I was very disappointed. Others on this board have had greater success with it. I think someone called Hubble has had good results on it.[/QUOTE]


Don't mean to give you discouraging news, but I've discontinued taking Policosanol.

I thought it had been helping me (I actually lowered my TC 20%) over the past year, but it may have just been the no-flush Niacin (Inositol Hexanicotinate - 750mg/day) that I had also been on at the time. I had heart palpitations over the summer, and discontinued the niacin (palpitations went away), and since then, my latest test showed my total cholesterol ballooned back up to 270...

Well, I've given natural supplements, diet and exercise a good try, and they just weren't working well for me.

I just started back on a statin a week ago (Crestor 5mg), and will keep my fingers crossed that I do not get the muscle problems I had when I was on Lipitor plus Tricor. I'm still taking CoQ10 (Q-Gel, 60mg/day) as a preventive against muscle problems.

Will report when I get my next blood test.


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