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I just recently had two blood tests done and the results are as follows:
Total Cholesterol: 213
Triglycerides: 462
HDL: 39
LDL: I don't have the sheet in front of me so I don't remember
ALT: 90

My total ratio was around 5.5 I believe

I am 22 and extremely active, I workout 5 times a week lifting weights and running 1.5 miles. I eat very healthy as well with the occassional cheat here and there. The doctor recommended I take Tricor to lower my triglycerides which he seems to think is the reason everything else is elevated. I refuse to go on medication for the rest of my life so this week I started taking Fish oil and next week I am going to start taking Pantethine with that in hope that I can lower my tryglyceride levels and total cholesterol. Does anyone have any advice or experience with either of these supplements. I am not overweight so this is very startling and puzzling to me. High cholesterol does run in my family. My grandfather had a triglyceride levels in the 800's and has reduced it to normal with fish oil and pantethine.
Thanks again,

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