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since you flushed with NIASPAN at 1000 mg., why not instead try the hexanicotinoate or, as I do, a SLOW ACTING OTC formulation like SLO NIACIN, made up of teeny polygel encapsulated particles that dissolve slowly.
Both alternatives as FAR cheaper than the overpriced NIASPAN...and don't be fooled by the fact that Niaspan is "prescription"'s just another extended release formulation designed to mitigate flushing.

The regimen for me that reduced flushing to zero is to take my SLO-NIACIN (Upsher-Smith) just before bedtime with 2 aspirin and my Lipitor. THat way if there is any flushing, I'm asleep for the event.

Aspirin helps A LOT!

I don't think policosanol is of much proven use for lipid control...a single study with 120 diabetics taken it is just not enough evidence. But it's cheap and safe so everyone can try it on his own and see for himself.

Niacin in any formulation is very apt to raise ALT.

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