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[QUOTE=suestrav]I found this site while looking for reassurance that I'm not going crazy.I hurt in so many places; thought maybe of fibromyalgia. But I'd had problems in the past with 2 other statins (one of which was Lipitor) and am now on Crestor (1 1/2 years). Started having cognitive issues- memory and concentration very poor, problems finding the right words. Scared to death it was Alzheimers! (I'm only 54). The UCSD site described me to a T.
My hip hurts so bad I can't sleep at night; shoulders, arms, hands, thighs, back- pain in at least one of those places at ALL times. Primary doctor minimizes statin's role. Orthopedic docs do xrays and scans; diagnose muscle strain and recommend P.T. One even suggests steroid injection.
I stopped the Crestor yesterday and will never go on another statin again. I am also on Verapamil which increases the risk of muscle pain.
Is there any benefit to the enzyme therapy? Any other suggestions?[/QUOTE]

Its so funny how uninformed doctors are. It is KNOWN that verapamil increases the effective dosage of statins by at least 3.9 times (as does diltiazem)..and in some cases much more , it also causes the metabolism of statins to be slowed).... I was told by the people at UCSD (statin study) that each time you have problems on a statin you only recover , at best, 80%. The results are cumulative. This is probably why now the cognitive problems are showing up. Sometimes it does require steroid thearpy to start the rebuilding process. However, steroids can be a double edged sword. You have proximal muscle weakness, which is throwing you entire body out of balance. Proximal muscles are comparable to the skeleton of a building. A building with a weak skeleton will sway and twist. In the body it causes pressure on nerves that would not have pressure on them, causing pain. You probably also have some mitochondrial damage. In any cause you need to be taking 600 mg of CoQ10.

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