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As far as I know, ALL statins are HMG-CoA Inductase Inhibitors. This enzyme is a vital catalyst in the metabolic pathway that controls cholesterol synthesis in the liver - limiting production of this enzyme is how statins reduce cholesterol production by the liver.

One of the downstream paths of this same metabolic pathway controls CoQ10 synthesis. So, while statins reduce cholesterol, they also reduce CoQ10.

I believe this is true for all statins.

I definitely recommend taking supplemental CoQ10 while on statin therapy. Q-Gel is a brand that is one of the most bioavailable.

As far as dosage goes, I think the answer is 'no one really knows' - I know of no controlled studies of how much to supplement with, when on statins or not. I take 60mg/day of Q-Gel. I've read of recommended doses upwards of 300mg/day for those with statin-induced muscle problems. Most people would go broke trying to pay for this out-of-pocket...


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