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[QUOTE=gardeninggal]It's been a while since I posted on our results and today my husband came home from the doctor with a two month supply of Lipitor samples. We both have tried to lower our cholesterol by natural means, he has been taking 1500 mg of no flush niacin (Inositol Hexanicotinate) 20 mg of Policosanol, 3000 mg of fish oil, green tea caps, 1000 vit C, extra B complex Vit's, we use olive oil. He had been on Lipitor when his cholesterol was 308, Hdl 56, LDL 242 and 10 mg's brought the numbers down to total 173, HDL 51, and LDL 106. We both stopped taking statins when we became concerned with reports of side effects. Well today he came home with the results of all our efforts.....Cholesterol 267, HDL 57, LDL 199 Triglycerides 55. We are disappointed to say the least. Hubby says "when I go back on Lipitor please don't tell me all the bad things you read on the health board ". I feel like I have let him down. He has been the love of my life for 51 years and I want him to enjoy good health.:confused:[/QUOTE]

If it was me, I'd add a few more dietary supplements to
the existing regiment and see what happens in a few
months, but I'd monitor sugar levels and blood pressure
as diet pills can affect that.

In our case, we added Pantesin (Pantethine), a special
vitamin B-5, 300mg x 3 daily to our regiment. I'd consume a regular 'one a day' type of vitamin too.

To complement the fish oils we take {2000 mg daily},
we also consume about 2000 mg of borage oil for it's high
GLA content.

There are herbs that are interesting that we will try next.
This particular regiment we are on is to solve high blood
sugar levels, prehaps control cholesterol, and reduce nerve pain. It's only been a few weeks into this regiment and the
first thing we noticed is the blood sugars levels dropped like a rock so there is something to these diet pills, you just
have to keep trying and monitor your health as they can affect you.

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