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[QUOTE=Mr. Detail]Lenin, can you expound upon "it is the same thing"? In other words, I am trying to understand how one can be considered natural and the other, I assume created in a lab (i.e. Lovastatin).[/QUOTE]

RYR is a natural "statin". The one poster is correct in that you cannot patent natural products. However, the cholesterol lowering medications are synthetic products. Once they discover a product such as red yeast rice that will lower cholesterol...a drug company (or other) proceeds to find the same active molecule in a synthetic from. In that way they can now patent the product. Taxol (for breast cancer) was first derived from yew bark. It took numerous trees for the vast quantity of bark that was required for a single patient's treatment. Once they had identified the active molecule they went about creating a synthetic version. While RYR might be as good at lowering cholesterol, and it could have possibly been enhanced, it would not have been patentable. One could patent the process by which it was obtained....but anyone else could have changed the process slightly and had a new patentable process. Drug companies have no use for RYR in its natural form. NO PROFIT and NO PROTECTION.

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