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Re: Statin question
Oct 24, 2006
Thanks for your response, you made me feel good about my cholesterol count. My doctor was looking at my full blood panel results while we were sitting side by side and the first thing he blurted out was, 'your cholesterol is high'.

For a second I thought to myself, oh no, after all the effort watching my diet and taking supplements he is going to tell me to take a statin drug, then I looked down at the paper and said to him, 'my ratio is 3.3,' which I knew was very good and then he agreed with me. I bet if I wasn't self-educated about cholesterol, mostly due to this message board, he would have put me on a statin.

I really wanted the VAP test, to see what percentage of protective hdl I have, but the doctor screwed up the form and not only did he not write in 'VAP', he marked off a test Medicare did'nt even pay for, if the lab technician didn't point it out to me, I would have been stuck with the bill.

Next time I will go to a different doctor and get the VAP since my ldl is borderline/high, it really makes me nervous when a doctor makes simple mistakes, you have to wonder how many major mistakes they make.

As far as I know my friend only has high blood pressure controlled my medication, no other heart problem. The first thing he said when i asked him why he is on lipitor with a total count of 190, he told me the doctor said when there are other heart problems his should be on a statin. He is also on celebrex for back pain, which can cause a heart problem, so on one hand he may be putting his heart at risk with celebrex, and then his cardio doctor is trying to cut down his risk with a statin. If I were him, I would stop taking both and try to find another pain reliever. I read on-line that lipitor can cause tremors, so maybe he doesn't even have parkinson's, he should get the cpk test.

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