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I am wondering to what extent anyone has relied on Red Wine to affect their levels. Last winter, I monitored it and lowered my triglycerides over 100 points. I was taking 5 mg Crestor at the time and lowered my total to 153 but my HDL was <40 (albeit 39). Quite frankly, it was remarkable to me because I drank merlot in a 4 oz juice glass no more than 3 times per week. Today, I heard on the news that 3 glasses per week reduce the risk of colon cancer 25 to 30 percent (I think those numbers are accurate :confused: . Also, the story noted the existing knowledge of Red Wines effect on heart disease. If anyone has any more specific recommendations as to ounces, glasses and corresponding effects on levels, I will try and acquire a better taste for it in the future :D .

If you have no problem with encroaching alcoholism, I will bet my bottom dollar that you will get a very large boost in HDL with 12 ounces of red wine per DAY...every day.

Though doctors are loathe to recommend booze (American puritanism), the heart protective effects keep going up with least until the cardiomyopathic effects of terminal alcoholism take over.

After all, what else is the Mediterannean diet except wine, wine and MORE wine...with brandy after dinner.:jester:

I get a 50% increase in my HDL with a couple weeks of 3, 4, or 5 martinis a day....or 4 Liters of red wine (Chateau Cardboard) in 3 days. That's from 40 to 60 ml/dL HDL.
Can you GUESS why I cant count on booze for good HLD numbers? LOL
My problem is with taste. I just don't like wine that much as I'm just not refined enough:jester: . I am going to try and be more consistent with it, however. I'm having my labs done in a few weeks so I need to catch up:eek: .

Sounds to me like you were trying to forget your cholesterol problems:) . If you go back to that method, be sure and post while you're doing it:blob_fire .
i heard somewhere that for people who do not like red wine,that grape juice has the same affect as the wine... anyone heard about this??
I have been looking into this - all of the research seems to be funded by the grape juice companies, but the results are good - "almost" as good as for red wine.

Having said that, I'm on day 2 of grape juice - eeeeeuuuww!!! Not in the same league as a good shiraz...........
Don't forget if you don't like the wine method you can also try Grape Seed Extract with Resveratrol, a particular polyphenol found in grape skins that has been shown to be inhibit blood platelet aggregation. I think I am going to try this next.
If one dislikes wine
the same effect can be gotten from any non-sugary alcoholic drink: rum and diet coke, Scotch on the Rocks, Gin and Diet Tonic, Manhattans, Tequila shooters, Cosmos...and a million more. "Pick your poison."

It's the ethyl alcohol itself that does the trick despite what the California Wine Growers Association would have you believe.:angel:

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