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As you know, I did not suceed in controlling my cholesterol with diet and exercise and nutritional supplements (vitamins,...). My total cholesterol shot up to 285 in June after almost 2 years of 'alternative' therapy.

My doctor put me on 5mg of Crestor 6 weeks ago - and my results are as follows:

TC 190
LDL 86
HDL 39
Trig 326

I knew the TC and LDL would go down dramatically - that's what statins are good at.

I'm still worried about being on a statin, and am constantly wary of muscle aches. So far so good though.

My doctor did prescribe Antara for the triglycerides. I will not be taking it however. It is a fibrate, and I remember the terrible muscle problems I had 2 1/2 years ago when he added Tricor (another fibrate) to my Lipitor regimen.

I'll try to combat the triglycerides by exercising more, continuing to lose weight, cutting back further on carbs (especially sugars and starches), and cutting back on alcohol.


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