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From what I'm reading here carbs like sugar, breads, rice, etc. raise the triglycerides right? What about whole grain carbs, whole grain high fiber cereal, oatmeal and brown rice? I eat very little white flour products and mostly use whole grain bread, Fiber one cereal, oatmeal. brown rice and very little if any sugar. My tri's were considered high but not dangerously so(200) and my doctor told me to just lose some more weight. I had lost 15 lbs. and she said lose 15 more and we'll retest you. I'll be at my optimal weight if I lose 15 lbs more. My total cholesterol was 168 but my hdl was low, my ldl high and my tri's high. My ratio was 5.2. I've cut out red meat except once a month a lean serving. I eat fish 4-5 times week plus take the fish oils daily. No trans fats, low sat fat, lots of grains, beans, veggies, etc. I also take a multi, garlic, slow mag w/ calcium and EmergenC which has 1000mg vit C and all the B vitamins. I'm working on the exercise thing as I have beginning arthritis in my ankles and they hurt so bad just walking. I'm only 36 yrs old and would like to be around another 36 at least!
Any advice? Should I add anything? What about grape seed I've heard so much about? Oh, can't drink red wine because I take anti-anxiety meds.

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