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[QUOTE=master44]I have high lp(a) and my numbers have not come down much on 250mg twice daily of the non-flush niacin(Inositol Hexaniacinate). My doctor has suggested taking the regular flush niacin to reduce these levels. Can anyone comment on the differences and why the regular would be better than the non-flush.

When I researched the non-flush I found on medscape:

"Inositol hexaniacinate, otherwise known as inositol nicotinate or no-flush niacin, consists of 6 nicotinic acid molecules crossed-linked together with an inositol molecule"

If I am right the regular flush niacin is also know as nicotinic acid, so I am getting regular niacin in the non-flush bound form, just released at a slower rate. Since I do not tollerate flush well, I am thinking it might be more beneficial to increase the dose of the non-flush and see if that brings the numbers down rather than go to the same dose of the regular flush niacin.

Can anyone comment of the difference between flush and non-flush and why I might be asked to go from one to the other when they seem to be basically the same thing. Has anyone seen success in doing so?


Master44, I don't know why your doctor put you on such a low dose, I will tell you that my doctor has used the same type of niacin, inositol hexaniacinate, for many years and told me he is prescribing it more all the time. I can not take a statin and have been taking that niacin and on my last test my total had dropped 40 points. I have been taking 1000mg's each evening with my meal. My doctor said he recommends 1500 mg's a day and now I am taking that amount and will see if it lowers my cholesterol even more. A well known Dr. Whitacker wrote in his book that he also recommended 1500 mg's a day but he said to take 500 mg with each meal, I probably should do that but I forget it or am not home etc. so I just take it at night. I also take 3000mg of fish oil and some Vit's. My HDL is 50, niacin does raise your good cholesterol. And just for the record, I tried the other niacin and couldn't take the flushes.:wave:

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