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Next time you see your doctor, take 1000 mg. plain old niacin on an empty stomach about 30 minutes before you get to his waiting room.
Let HIM see what misery such a dose can cause. Make sure you mention any differences in your breathing, swollen lips, eyelids etc. :D

But don't look for niacin to cure a high Lp(a) won't. Only booze works a bit.


I'm not sure exactly what you are asking.
But I think basically that anyone who CAN take a gram or two of REAL niacin should. It works best and has the least effect on the liver. Others have to content themselves with slow release although it is harder on the liver. In truth though, LOTS of people are on niacin and we don't hear much about liver damage...I think it was overhyped.
I dont know if the inosital-niacin molecule is fully metabolized...maybe yes, maybe no.

I can NOT use any amount of flushy niacin so I buy non-flush for price.
Don't ignore the time release formulations either. They are exacly nicotinic acid mixed with products (gels, soluble fibers) that slow down their absorprion.
They are cheaper than the inositaol complex but pricier than the plain "flushy" stuff.
I find they work very well and rarely cause any flushing.

I mistrust buzz-statement like:

[QUOTE]Several double-blind placebo-controlled studies have found that niacin increased HDL (good cholesterol) by 30% or more[/QUOTE]
It indicates that I am reading something unscientific. What is says, in fact, is that there was not a SINGLE person studied who did not get at least 30% increase in HDL. NCEP would never use shoddy reporting like that so it was quoted improperly by someone...maybe someone selling niacin hexanicotinoate?
A real study would wsay something like the AVERAGE HDL was raised 18.4% using a dose of 1 gram/day...or something like that.

I perused the NCEP and they (an arm of the NHBLI, U.S. Government) don't see overly wild about niacin as "the treatment of choice." Maybe i didn't look deeply enough...they have pamphlets within pamphlets with pamphlets...enough .PDF's to choke a horse.

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