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Hi everyone,

When I was first diagnosed with high cholesterol I asked if I also had to take
Co-enzyme Q10 as I always was under the impression statins depleted something or other. The reply I got was NO you only require the statin. I was wondering if other people was taking it or anything else.

I've been taking Cresta rosuvastatin 10mg now for six weeks and so far no side effects. If I am going to experience any is it likely to be sooner than later, I appreciate everyone is different but would like to have some idea on the time scale.

Thanks in anticipation of a reply.

Some people have a quick negative reaction (within weeks), while others don't get chronic muscle pain and weakness for years - and some never have any symptoms at all.

I was on Lipitor for over 7 years before I had my bout with severe muscle aches. However, it was also shortly after my doctor started me on a 2nd med (Tricor). Combining any statin and a fibrate like Tricor significantly increases the risk of muscle pains - and is usually only done if you have both high LDL and high Triglycerides that haven't responded to lifestyle changes. So, I don't know when/whether I would have had the problem if I had stayed on Lipitor alone...

I'm on Crestor now, and I take 30-50mg CoQ10 daily as a precaution.

I don't want to have the chronic muscle aches and profound weakness I experienced before - it took over a year and a half to recover.

I've been on 10 mg Crestor for 6 months (as well as 100 mg CoQ-10 daily) and so far so good. In fact, according to the dr. today, my total cholesterol--which was originally 263--is now 156, so yay Crestor! And my original 69 HDL hasn't decreased.

I really fought taking a statin, but the echocardiogram I had last winter showed some arteriosclerosis, so I didn't feel I had any choice at this point. I tried healthy eating, niacin, policosanol, Cholest-off, garlic and nothing else worked.

But I too am paranoid about muscle aches, especially when I read what so many of you have gone through. Guess all we can do is try the statin and pray for the best.
Congrats hypatia...a nice response.

I can attest that there are SOME people who have ZERO problems with statins...8 years with never a problem. :D:D

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