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Thanks so much for the responses. Zocor and Coumadin are counterindicated, so if he is on coumadin rather than a placebo, he shouldn't take Vytorin, the problem is he doesn't know whether he is on coumadin or the placebo. If he is told one day that he is not on Coumadin, he could ask his doctor about Vytorin.

I know that Zocor and Coumadin shouldn't be given together because my mom was in the hospital last year for atrial fib, and the hospital gave her Zocor. When I asked her cardiologist if Zocor and Coumadin should be taken together, he said no, but mom could not take her Provachol in the hospital and was told to take Zocor, because Zocor is the statin they use.

According to patients rights, a hospital patient is allowed to refuse any medical treatment or medications. I always wondered why my mom was not allowed to take her Provachol, even though her doctor admitted that Zocor was not the right drug for her. Why are hospitals allowed to adminster the wrong statin to patients when doing so may be harmful to them. I thought Mom should have refused the Zocor and taken her own prescription for Provachol.

I would appreciate any comments regarding what happened to my mom in case she gets hospitalized again. She is currently on Lipitor because Provachol never lowered her ldl enough.


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