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In December of last year I started having a lot of muscle aches and pains. I had been taking Lipitor for a few years and complained to my Dr. He put me on Zocor and that did not help matters at all-in fact, I got worse. At that time my legs hurt, arms, back and I was just completely exhausted.

Now, nearly one year later......I am doing much better. I have been taking COQ10 (100 mg) for nearly one year along with some other supplements. All in all, my strenght is much better and I'm not exhausted all the time.

BUT, my back is so easily provoked. I think it is muscle related and most likely from the statin problem that started last year. I mean, I can have some great days-no pain, no problem. But here's a great example. Yesterday my wife and I go to the store for a turkey. I search around the freezer for a nice 24 pounder. I see one and pull it right out and put it in the cart-no problem. Load it to the car and then carry it up to our freezer. About a hour later-it starts with like a burning feeling...with some tingling. That moves to a dull ache that could last from hours to days. I NEVER had this until the statin issue developed. Anyone else have this problem....and more importantly... anyone know how long this can last? I have heard some statin damage is permanent. Is this the type of damage? My back pain seems to mostly be in the "meaty" portion or the flank section rather than the center. Ideas:confused:

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