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My husband's data are as follows:

Age: 49
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 205 pounds
Waist circumference: 41 inch or 104 cm
Bad cholesterol: 4.55
Good cholesterol: 0.82
Tryglicerides: he does not remember, told him to confirm with his doctor
Previous medical conditions: none, except for milk and gluten intolerance (can drink processed milk and we mostly eat organic multigrain breads, sometimes yeast-free etc). A few years ago had slightly elevated blood pressure which is normal now. Possibly does not need any meds in that area either. Never had chest pains, except in a couple of cases under stress.

I read descriptions of metabolic syndrome, he does not meet it on several indicators. By the way, I obviously have it myself, because it turned out my good cholesterol was low too, and tryglicerides were somewhat elevated. And today my blood pressure was 160/120 (!), partially stress-related. At the same time our doctor dismissed my complaints saying I was too young to have high blood pressure (?!?).

Mark, thank you for the great link - I hope my husband will be able to finally open his eyes and accept the actual facts. He advised me today that he was thinking on starting Crestor soon. After a heated discussion (which is partially the reason of my elevated bp) he decided it could be a good idea to get some testing done first instead, such as a CT scan of the heart. They can do it here and it is supposed to detect plaque and blockages if any. At least if there are problems, then using statins can be justified.

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