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Quess i wasn't very clear on my first post.
Yes my numbers befor i started to take anything except a multivitamin were,
Total 190
HDL 33
LDL 121
Tri 177
Ratio 5.73

After the Doctor told me im as good as dead if i don't take the Crestor I started to take what ever i could find. Yes my father died of heart disease at just over 62 and his brothers at 65 or so. My mother had no problem and lived to 87. My frame is more like my mothers, not to heavy.
Im 58 and fairly good shape, haven't smoked for 25 years, 180 lbs, 5' 11" ,no other ailments. Like to have a couple drinks a day but nothing to drastic, at least for the most part. (Mostly wine), Never had chest pain or such.
I started takeing Cholest-Off, Omega 3, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Garlic, and Q10 as well as Crestor, All at the same time. So i don't really know what brought down the numbers. But i would like to get ridd of the Crestor all together. I am thinking about dropping the Cholest-Off and useing 10mg of policosinal instead. but ??? Thanks for your interest and comments.
As far as the dr. saying U are as good as dead with those numbers is ridiculous. I can see him wanting to get your Trigs down, but seems he picked the strongest statin out there to do it. Seeing there is heart disease in your family, I agree, trying to keep your numbers as good as possible is certainly in your best interest, but only the Trigs seemed to be a bit elevated, the other numbers seemed pretty ok in my opinion.

Seeing U took everything at the same time, it is impossible to say what helped, but most likely the Crestor did the most of lowering the numbers, but as I said, it is a very potent statin. I would definitely have a talk with the dr. and ask for something a lil less potent and keep up with your vitamins etc.

Have no idea about the Cholest Off, but taking the extra vitamin C, garlic and Omega is definitly a plus. Over the years the E has not been given such a great rating, most drs. don't think it is all it was cracked up to be. If U are going to continue with a statin, the CO Q10 is a must, as it helps cause statins deplete your body of it, and if U do get any muscle pains etc. from the meds., it has been discussed on here that it does help.

Reducing your Trigs is done best from avoiding simple starches like potatoes, white rice, pasta and any type of processed foods, they all contain junk to keep a long shelf life. Go with whole wheat bread, and there is wheat pasta and brown rice for substitutes, and also try to throw in some oatmeal, not the micro wave type, good old fashion oats. Many here also have tried a 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon daily, the kind U can buy in a jar at any grocery store for about 1.29. If U don't like cinnamon, they have it in capsules as well, I believe at Wal Mart, I take the regular type from the spice section of the store. I'm sure other's will give U some of their ideas, as off hand I really can't think of all the stuff that has been mentioned here.

Good luck, and keep us posted.....:wave:

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