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If so how high should it be before you should worry about it?

LDL-P (H) <1000 1564

Small LDL-P (H) <600 960

LDL-C (H) <100 113

All my other numbers were fine. The doctor wrote on the lab work, need to see. I really do not want to be put on the meds but I do not see why he couldn't just tell me on the report what he would recommend to do instead of paying him another $25 for an office visit.
I have been fighting high cholesterol for 6 years and to make a long story short I don't take any statins. I did have the new test and my numbers were higher than that. The Dr has me on Niasipan and I'm taking an 81mg aspirin. I was taking Zetia but stopped when I had some stomache problems.
But the thing that gets me is instead of telling me what he wants me to do, he writes on the lab that he needs to see me. Why can't he just tell me what I need to do?? If he wants to put me on meds why do I need to come back and talk to him?? I mean he has the lab work already.
Maybe because he needs the money...
Bingo, my faults exactly.

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