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You asked if my recent HDL increase was a "fluke."

After starting Policosanol and Niacinamide, I had my cholesterol level checked three weeks ago. Since the previous test two months prior to this one, my HDL went up 10 points. I have continued to take the Niacinamide (recommended by a naturopathic doctor) but dropped the Policosonal because I thought it may account for my elevated glucose level. I retested yesterday, and my glucose level dropped to 106 (fasting), but my HDL dropped as well - back down to 35.

I'm beginning to doubt the accuracy of these blood tests! My HDL is NEVER consistent. It's up, then down, up, then down for no apparant reason. :confused: I would hate to add up how much money I've spent on supplements recommended by doctors and herbalists that have not worked. I don't want to take prescription medications. Diet and exercise are not working. I'm frustrated and about ready to just forget the whole thing and accept the fact that I'm probably going to die from heart disease. Had to vent :mad:

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