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Alas, thigh muscle pain is the most likely kind of problem with statins. :(

Since you've stopped the lovastatin a month ago,there seems little reason that CoQ-10 would abate the problem. It's not curative and if it has any merit it is WHILE one is taking statins.

It can't hurt though.

thigh pain the first 10 days on the drug...then nothing.>
[QUOTE]I'm sure statins are great for millions of people, but for some of us, it is pure poison to our body.[/QUOTE]

That really IS the issue, plain and simple.
The drugs are LIFESAVERS for those who can take them but horrible for those who cannot.
Demographics are clearly showing that the former are the large majority.

This is not unlike penicillin...a wonder drug that saved many lives, but also killed many with a single shot!

An anecdote: I have a friend who got sore feet often. He took Lipitor and went on an extensive 6 week tour of China (I'm green with envy.) His right foot MURDERED him so he came home and discontinued the Lipitor...foot hurt less. But still it continued and continued. He went to an Orthopedic Specialist who determined there was nerve impingement that would require surgery and did he remember anything from his past about the foot...he did: he'd broken it exactly where the doctor found the impingement 30 years earlier. Result is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome but with feet nerves.
He went back on the Lipitor and is considereing the minor surgery.

Morale: Yes, statins CAN cause muscle pain...but once those aches and pains stray too far from the standard thigh and buttock pain, don't be too quick to jettison the statin. The drugs are lifesavers and should only be tossed out when one is SURE they are cauing pain.

Remember, pain existed in the human condition LONG before statins were invented two decades ago. People had myalgia, neuritis, sciatica, damaged discs and vertebra, arthritis. These conditions have not disappeared and will occur at the same rate to people whether or not they take statins.
People with few heart risks can more readily toss the statins at the first ache or pain, but those with heart disease or parents with heart disease, who smoked for 20 years, or are overweight or with diabetes must be more discriminating lest they are tossing out the thing they need MOST. Never forget the overhwhelming fact: MORE people will die of heart disease than any other cause.

Make SURE your reason for discontinuing a statin is a valid one, and not merely an "internet scare."
Its seems that more people should be concerned with the internet scare and the drug company scare that inform people they must take statins. Cholesterol is not the monster people make it out to be. Statins have never been proven in ANY trial ANYWHERE to be life savers to women. ALso higher cholesterol in the elderly is associated with increased longevity....this includes higher LDL. THe "standard" thigh and buttocks pain is the start of proximal muscle weakness, which is one of the devastating effects of lowering cholesterol....not statins...just plain old lowering cholesterol. You must also remember that not all muscle damage comes with pain. You must also remember that not all muscle damage (including severe) shows up in liver tests. Its funny that statins have been on the market for quite a while....deaths from heart disease have not been reduced. Something is wrong when in the early 1900's there was no heart disease to speak of.. This has been confirmed (earlier) from doctors of that time. And, no, deaths were not overlooked due to heart disease. The diet of that time included was more saturated fat than is ingested today. If you look at nutritional charts for the USDA from 1900 to will see the addition of margarine, and many more sugars and refined (processed) foods and grains. The charts start to go up after these introductions. Its funny how a few reports on statins and diabetes cause people to overlook that statins are know to create insulin resistance and incresed sugar in the blood. The first articles touting the "miracle" wonders of statins cause people to over look the continued research into the matter. Drug companies put out the first articles....including the ones for statins and alzheimers, statins and breast cancer, statins and blah, blah, blah.....These have all now been shot down by continued research. I think it is important to read the Honolulu Heart study...This is a long term study, and could answer many questions, or maybe cause people to question the cholesterol theory.

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