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Re: I need help!
Dec 16, 2006
[QUOTE=Lenin].... You are getting a distorted view of statins here.
There are MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people who are taking one or the other who have no problems whatsoever with them .....[/QUOTE]
There are also MILLIONS of people who smoked all their lives and never got cancer. The tobacco companies keep reminding us this. Does it make smoking an acceptable risk? I think not. We have a very similar situation with statins. Different drug, same tactics. But be that as it may, Barb, there some more fundamental questions you need to ask yourself.

Using a statin interferes with the way the body works, big time. And it almost goes without saying that the body consists of numerous complex, interdependant and complementary systems. So you really shouldn't interefere with them, unless if they are [I]malfuntioning[/I]. And even then, you better know what you are doing. Or there will be prolems.

So the question is, on the basis of your cholesterol levels, are you convinced that your body is [I]malfunctioning[/I]? And are you sure that you can make it work [I]better[/I] by taking a drug? Because, IMHO, if you can't do a better job than your liver and all the other organs it works with, you better keep your hands off. And before shutting down your liver's production of cholsterol and other important substances, do you know why your liver is producing them in the firts place?

Asking doctors these questions is not very fruitful. Because in spite of all the money we pay them, they simply don't know the answers. You need to make up your own mind. ;)


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