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Re: Hubble.....
Dec 21, 2006

I'm doing fine - the Crestor has not caused any problems yet - I'm hoping it won't ever. Don't have my last numbers handy - I don't focus on them much anymore - you get too neurotic if you obsess over them - and you know that I don't really buy in to the "high cholesterol = heart attack" theory. I think the ratios of good to bad cholesterol, and controlling inflammation, is important. My total dropped to around 190. My HDL still stinks - at 38... However, I was satisfied, and my doctor was pleased... My main problem is triglycerides - they were high (290 or so). I don't take the Crestor (5mg) every day - I'm skipping a couple of days a week. And I'm taking 75-100mg CoQ10 daily to try to ward off any more muscle problems.

Beach Bumming sounds so good!!! Man wasn't meant to fight rush hour traffic doing a 9-5 (really more like 9-9) office job for 50 years of his life - he was meant to be out in the sunshine sucking back brews on a nice beach in the tropics!!! I've got to break out the Flipper video and start day dreaming. I still have my Corona and lime to get into the spirit. Hey, speaking of work life - did you ever see the movie 'Office Space' with Ron Livingston and Jennifer Anniston? It never really made it big - but it is a scream!!! It's a comedy about a guy who hates his day job - and some of the situations remind me of a past job. I'm rolling on the floor lauhghing... Check it out...

But, how are you doing?

And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and hubby!! May we all have a relaxing, stress-free holiday!!:wave:


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