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Last night my doctor told me that I need to go on statin drugs. I'm thinking about seeing another doctor. Let me explain some background ....

I had a physical back in April 2006, and had some bloodwork done. I was in basically decent shape - 33 yrs old, 185 lbs (at 5'9 I was technically 25 lbs overweight), nonsmoker, my cholesterol was 207, HDL was 36, LDL was 99, trigs were 364, fasting glucose was 106. I worked out semi-intensely a few times a week alternating between cardio and weight training. During that time I was also going out a lot, doing lots of social drinking, and not eating right. In fact, I had probably been out socially a few days before my physical, and probably did not fast the full 12 hrs before my blood test. For several years I have been checking my blood pressuse, and it averaged 130/80 when I checked it at the drug store/supermarket, and it was 122/80 at my physical. I did not speak to a doctor about my blood results at the time, I got them in the mail after I passed my physical.

From May thru August I was on a work assignment away from home, doing lots more social drinking and not eating right. I did exercise while away, in fact I passed an equivalent of the military fitness test, but the exercise was cancelled out by the constant eating out and alcohol, so my weight remained the same while I was away.

I had a routine appointment with my primary doctor at the end of October, and I showed him my blood results. I also had my blood pressure taken by the nurse when I first showed up with a reading of 126/82, and twice by the doctor at 135/95 and 130/90. He told me that I had metabolic syndrome that needed to be treated aggressively right away with statins, daily aspirin, and a low-dose diuretic to reduce blood pressure. He basically told me that I was obese, would soon have diabetes, and also heart disease. I was very shocked at hearing this. I told him that I wanted to try some lifestyle changes before going on drugs for the rest of my life, but I did agree to go on the low-dose diuretic to reduce BP.

After the appointment I realized that my diet tended to be poor, and that it really needed to be fixed. My wife is pregnant since September, so we have stopped going out so much. I started eating right and exercising more in the beginning of November, and I have only had alcohol a handful of times. I had another blood analysis on Tuesday. THe doctor called me last night and told me that my cholesterol had dropped from 207 to 172, but my HDL went from 36 to 35. My trigs went from 364 to 194, and my glucose went from 106 to 95. I have also lost about 6 pounds. To my shock and dismay he still said I need to go on statin drugs. I told him I want a second opinion, which I will seek out. I told him that I am confused as to why he does not seem to think lifestyle changes can fix my blood levels over the long term - it has only been 7 weeks! I also bought fish oil supplements but have only been taking about one tablet a day for about 3 weeks. He said that I still had metabolic syndrome because of the low HDL, high trigs, and high BP. But, my feeling is that for all 3 it is borderline, so I should continue with lifestyle changes instead of immediately going on drugs.

What do you think??? Thanks for reading.

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