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I think you should give the lifestyle changes at least 3 months before deciding on any medication.

Coincidentally, your height-weight, cholesterol and glucose numbers are almost identical to mine when I was your age. I never had a blood pressure problem though. I also traveled extensively for work - and social eating and drinking was always an issue. I was able to overcome it thru my 40s via jogging - but now that I'm 52, I find that I have to watch what I eat/drink when I go out.

I'd ask your doctor why he thinks a statin will help you. They are good at dropping LDL, but not at raising HDL or lowering Triglycerides, and they do nothing for blood pressure. Whey wouldn't he be considering instead a fibrate, like Tricor or Lopid, which is much better for high triglycerides.

Continue to exercise, and cut back on carbs and saturated fat. Eliminate sugar and trans-fats (anything with the word 'hydrogenated' anywhere in the ingredient list). Continue to drink moderately. Dropping the extra weight will help triglycerides significantly. Try to eat more foods with a low glycemic index. Avoid 'white' carbs (sugar, white potatoes, bread, rice...). Consider a 'mediteranean' diet (more veggies, less meat, more mono-saturated fats like olive oil, less saturated fats).

Also try one-half teaspoon of cinnamon per day - it helps lower your blood glucose level.

The fish-oil won't help at the dose you're taking. For it to have any effect on cholesterol, you need to be taking at least 3 grams per day of EPA + DHA combined... That's probably 6 or more tablets daily - and even that may not be enough. However, taking just one a day is still good for you - since the American diet tends to give us too much omega-6 and 9 and not enough omega-3...


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