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JJ, Well my hubby is so disgusted that he has decided to stop taking Lipitor because of having a bad night with pain in his hip, for no reason. He has not had bone aches before and is worried that it is the Lipitor. I did at least get him to go back on the niacin (1500 mg) and to continue with the fish oil and vit's. It is so hard to know what to do, being the wife and yet I can't tell him what to do because that is something that I would have to live with if I give him advice and it hurts his health. Every person has to make their own health choices. When he was on Lipitor I didn't tell him all the negitive sides of it because it would influence him I know, I just wish he would search the research himself, but he doesn't. He liked his doctor but when he was in to see him last he told the doctor he would not take any higher dose the 10 mg and when he picked up his prescription here it was 20 mg inspite of the really good test results and so now he has lost faith in him. While he was on Lipitor I heard him complain about fatigue and this is not like him, I wish everyone could have the pep that he has and the strength. I didn't say anything but I knew fatigue is a Lipitor side effect. He told me he is sick and tired of thinking about cholesterol and wants to just go about his life and be happy thinking about other things. Funny that is how I am thinking these days, nobody lives for ever and all the statins say they don't prevent heart attacks or prolong life so what do you gain by all this tension, an extra week or year, how will you know anyway. Anyway thanks JJ you have always been a cheery poster and your kind words have been appreciated so much. May God bless you and your hubby with the best year ever this coming 2007. God's peace :wave:

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