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Lenin (and everyone else),

From 9/04 to 11/05, my ALT fluctuated from 55 to 85 (while on Crestor 5 mg). My last good ALT was 32 in June, 2004 (cholesterol untreated but total=271:eek: . My ALT is my big concern (as always) about my cholesterol treatment. Still, Vytorin 10/20 would be considered a low dose, right???

Also, my Testosterone got really low on Crestor 5 mg and is really why I ultimately quit this past summer. That's why I pay attention when Hubble others are promoting COQ10. After quitting Crestor and rechecking my testosterone it gained about 300 points back in about 2 months (and I supplemented with COQ10 and Vitamin B-12 during that time). I'll be watching the Vytorin closely to see if the low T symptoms return yawn: .

Do you think that ibuprofin pm has the same liver concerns as Tylenol???

I guess the tri's were the result of having my labs taken right after xmas:jester: . I'm betting I'll be a good 50 to 100 points lower in the spring/summer. Plus, I've not been following my red wine regimen much lately either. My HDL is the best since June 2004:cool: . So, I think the Niacin and Vytorin combo is responsible for that result.

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