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Hello, haven't been here in a long time. Anyway, going back for another cholesterol test in a couple of months. It's been roughly 9 months. Will also get homocysteine test done.
Last numbers were:

trigs-can't remember, think it was 110
CRP-almost zero

Over the past few years my cholesterol has increasingly went up. The LDL goes up about 10 or 15 points every couple of years and nothing has really made a difference. At least not diet and exercise. I've cut out almost all meat(occasionally eat white meat and fish mostly) and all red meat. Don't eat butter, margarine, oil, dairy(a little skin milk, that's it). Don't eat much really, alot of salad(fat free dressing), soup(veg kind), cereal.

I have tachycardia and take 50 mgs of metoprolol a day(down from 75 mgs). That's it for prescription meds. Take nutritional yeast(has alot of b vitamins, niacin, etc.), fish oil, vitamin e(for something else), occassionally vitamin c.

I walk 5 miles a day, sometimes more and have been for a number of years now. Although, the last test I hadn't been walking much for about 3 months and wonder if that would make that much of a difference. NOt overweight, diabetic, anything like that.

My dr wasn't too concerned with those numbers because my crp went down considerably which could have been affected by me having sinus infection when the first test was done. And currently have no other risk factors. Although he did want them to improve.

It just keeps getting higher even with improved diet and more exercise.

The thing I don't understand is just a few years ago I had a far worse diet(I mean a really bad diet, I ate hamburgers, potato chips, milk shakes, all bad food all the time, every day) and cholesterol was far better than it is now and it was good every time I got it tested and for a good portion of that time I didn't even exercise at all. I just don't understand it.

It's frustrating. And my Mom died from heart disease at age 67. She had her 1st heart attack at 66, 1st stroke at 57(4 strokes and 2 heart attacks total). She also had that PAD(clogged leg arteries) so bad they thought they were going to have to amputate her leg. MY dad just got out of the hospital a couple of days ago after having a heart attack(he just turned 83 on the 28th of this month).

I'm 37. My question is when to start statins.
As frustrating as this is I'm better off than either of them because I already know I have risk. Almost all the people in my MOm's family(grandparents, great aunts and uncles, cousins, everyone either has heart disease or has already died from it). But does this mean that no matter what I do I can't miss the bullet?
I don't relish the idea of being in a nursing home at 60 if I live. My Mom was in a nursing home before she died. And I surely pray that dad doesn't wind up there too.

Anyway, if my Dr doesn't bring up the idea of statins when should I bring it up? I don't want to wait until my cholesterol is excessively high b4 getting on it. Do I need to be on them already?

Second question: I have no children yet and would like to have them. Does anyone know if statins cause birth defects, etc.? Or if pregnant women can even take them?

Sorry for such a long post. Thanks for any ideas, advice, etc.

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