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Thanks for the replies. I try not to worry but I guess maybe I worry a little too much and if I get so much as a little pain here or there I'll worry about it. Watching my Mom go through heart disease was awful and it really is an insidious disease. I never realized just how bad it is I don't think until she got it.

Neither of my parents eat that great and my Mom sure didn't exercise like I do(in fact she didn't exercise much at all and smoked, something I sure don't do). When she first developed high blood pressure at 44 I would get on her about it and fuss about eating too many fat grams.
The main reason she had the strokes were from high blood pressure(her carotid arteries were not blocked at all, only a minor amount of buildup on one wall, less than 10%). I was quite surprised about this. She never could keep her blood pressure under control really and none of the meds she took really worked. A few years before she died she finally found a DR who got really aggressive about getting it down and it did come down but he got her too late.
I don't know if it makes much of a difference if the stroke is caused by a clogged artery or a hemorrage.
She wasn't too good at improving her diet. Neither of parents in that respect.

I could still improve some on my diet but I just haven't figured out how to completely cut out all fat. And believe me I've tried.
I don't and can't eat alot of food. I found the more I walk the less hungry I get. I eat usually only two meals a day. Lunch and dinner. Lunch is cereal, sometimes a sandwich, dinner is salad or soup(veg kind) or beans with sandwich made of tomato, cucumber or some other veggie/fruit or combo. Most people think I'm odd making a veggie sandwich.
My big weakness is subway. Mostly I eat veggie subs sometimes ham or turkey. Tuna is my other big weakness.

My DR put me on a very restrictive diet of no meat, dairy, eggs, oil, butter, margarine, fish. Told me to eat nothing with cholesterol and very low fat. Less than 30 total fat grams per day with less than 25 total fat grams being better. I kept it at less than 20 for awhile and even got it down to less than 10 and was able to maintain that for a little bit. NOw I'm somewhere between 20 and 30 most days sometimes 35 if I'm bad.

It's really hard sticking to a completely vegetarian diet. Recently my DR loosened up my diet and said I could have fish. Said pay attention to ratio of saturated fat compared to total fat and portions.

I try very hard to watch what I'm eating. TRying to find a good middleground between completely vegan and occasionally not.

You mentioned zocor being a weak statin. That's what they put my dad on and I hope it helps to improve his cholesterol.

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