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I was in your place two years ago, my cholesterol numbers were out of line. My doctor also started me on Simvastatin, which is the generic for Zocor, a very good statin drug. In your case, your LDL is way too high and you HDL is a little low. Your LDL should be under 130 and your HDL should be over 40. LDL is the fat that tends to cause fatty deposits in your arteries and HDL is a binding agent that takes the LDL back to your liver to be processed.

Within 6 months my total cholesterol went from 245 to 165 with a LDL of 51 and and HDL of 43, but my trig's stayed high but are coming down. You need to understand that Simvastatin does not normally work on lowering you trig's and when your trig's are high your HDL tends to be too low. I just swiched to Tricor for 90 days which is not a statin, it is a fibrate. It has a better effect lowering you trig's and raising your HDL. It works by binding with fat in your digestive system rather than a statin which does the same thing in your blood. My doctor wanted to give this a shot as my LDL is fine at 51. You can impact you trig's better with diet and exercise. Doing what Connie suggested would be a great way to get those numbers in line. I have changed my diet and been much more physically active as she has outlined which I feel has helped considerably. I'm only off the statins because my trig's are not coming down quickly enough after two years. I also never experienced any side effects with the statins, many people do.

Good Luck,


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