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What is your HDL (good cholesterol)? Your numbers are similar to my untreated numbers and I'm age 39. Do you exercise? I do and still have those type numbers, untreated. First, you might try diet and exercise modifications and then retest. Also, you can add Niacin (Vitamin B-3) as you may get an increase in HDL and a reduction in LDL/Total. Plus, you can try a regimen of Fish Oil tablets (especially to reduce your TG's). Others here would suggest other herbs, supplements, etc. however I've not had much luck with them. Certainly, if your doctor wants you to take a statin you should be able to do a low dose of Lipitor or Zocor or Vytorin . . . thereby reducing your risk of statin side effects. Finally, do some research on the Framingham Risk Assessment (there is a calculation for both male and females) which can help you assess your risk of a CHD. Mine calculated out to be a 3 % risk of a CHD within 10 years, untreated, but with a small dose of Vytorin (10/20), I'm able to go to a <1% chance. Therefore, I decided taking the medicine is okay for me (for now at least :) .

Good luck. You can get many opinions on this forum but in the end, you must make the best decision for you (hopefully with the input of a good doctor:D ).

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