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Hello, Im a 25yo male and in '05, i had a lipid panel done and my numbers were

TC 203
HDL 36
LDL 87
Triglycerides 495
Glucose 92

I was floored by the triglycerides! Being young and stupid, i just sort of ignored it and so did my doctor. I have a new doc now and had the same test last week, his asst called today and said my cholesterol and triglycerides were high. I dont have the numbers yet, but im assuming its fairly close to last years test.

Im somewhat confused by this. Im 6' 205 lbs. Overweight, but not by a whole lot. I eat fairly well, balanced diet with no fast food, no fried food, rarely eat red meat. But i get no exercise. I had heart surgery a year ago and since then have been afraid to exert myself.

Im worried that a diet change isnt going to make much difference since I feel that my diet is already fairly on track. I know that exercise would help, and i plan on talking about that with my doc.. Has anyone else had triglycerides this high, and if so, have you been able to lower them?

495 just seems insane to me. :confused: Ive been having a lot of problems with fatigue, dizziness, and chest pain for the past few months, and no one can figure out what it is. I cant help but wonder if my numbers are some type of red flag.

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