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I've been taking 40 mg. of Zocor for about 3 years now, and it has given me great results re: cholesterol. My cardiologist also checks liver enzymes every 6 months. Until recently, everything was OK, but after the last scheduled blood test I was told that my liver enzymes were "mildly elevated". (Don't know the exact numbers.) He had me rechecked in 3 months (last week) and things were still the same. He then ordered a liver ultrasound, the results of which I am awaiting.

Although I know that elevated liver enzymes are apparently very common, I am a wreck waiting for the ultrasound results (imagining they will find something abnormal and scary.) Has anyone else had their liver enzymes rise after several years on Zocor? I have no noticeable symptoms. I also take 50 mg. Toprol XL and an aspirin a day. I don't drink, have not been diagnosed with diabetes, don't have hepatitis or any risky behavior, though my weight is not what it should be.

Any input will be gratefully received.


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