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New test numbers
Jan 18, 2007
Just got my test results back yesterday. First I want to say what I am doing...I do not take a statin...I have been taking Inositol Hexanicotinate which is a form of niacin which has no flush, I am on a dose of 1500 mg's taken with the evening meal. I take 3 fish oil pills a total of 3600 mg.
My original total cholesterol was 269, Triglycerides were 218, Hdl bounced from 50 t0 60's , Ldl was 162
ON 1000 mg of Niacin my total dropped to 229, Triglycerides were 149 and Ldl was 139.

My new numbers while on 1500 mg of niacin and fish oil are:

Total cholesterol 212, Triglycerides are 114, Hdl 50, Ldl 139 my test said my ratio is Normal

I am going to add L-Carnitene 500mg because the cardiologist's are saying that it will lower cholesterol, triglycerides and raise HDL. My Ldl is 9 points from the normal range and so I am going to concentrate on it also, but the higher HDL will take care of that also.
All in all I am happy because the Liver test is perfect and my doctor said that is the only concern with Niacin and does not know of any bad side effects and I have to agree because I have never had any.:) :)

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