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Improved results!
Jan 30, 2007
Recently I posted with my lab results, and described how my doctor wanted to put me on statins. Here is the post if you are interested.


I had a blood test last week for an insurance policy, and my results are improved, but not perfect. My total cholesterol rose to 177 from 172. HDL rose from 35 to 42. My trigs dropped from 194 to 164. My total bilirubin is slightly high at 1.6. Glucose is down to 88. Overall it seems as though the lifestyle changes are working! :) It has only been 2.5 months since I started working out more regularly, eating better, and taking multivitamins and a fish oil tablet every day. I know that taking one fish oil tablet a day is not much, but it seems as though my HDL cholesterol got a slight rise. I have also cut down, but not eliminated, alcohol.

A few weeks ago I got a second opinion from a different doctor, and he said that I should continue the lifestyle changes, and there was no need to go on drugs yet, but he wanted to evaluate me in 3 months. I picked up a blood test slip and I plan to go in April. I hope to get the trigs down under 150!

What do you think about the total bilirubin level at 1.6?

Also, has anyone ever done a liver flush? I suspect that I have fatty liver.

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