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[QUOTE]It could be supplements, but they don't last long in the system, so relief show come quickly. What about your other medications? Do you take a calcium channel blocker? They are known to cause small little red pin dots. If you were just on the red yeast rice, that might take a while longer to eliminate the problem, since they have found statins remain in the system much longer than they thought. As you already know red yeast rice has some of the same properties of statins [/QUOTE]

Thanks, N,None, for your quick reply. No I do not take calcuim blockers. I was on a protocol of the following supplements because I could no longer take statins any longer because of intollerance problems, so I was taking Red Yeast Rice 800 mg, Nician 2000 mgs , Beta Sitiosteriol 1200 mg . Beta 3.6.9 Fish oil, Garilc 1000mg, per day to help lower my numbers which are in the low high range.

I do have the red pin head size red dots around my ankles -- no higher.- with a burning sensation when under the cover at night but nothing durnig the days. If I scrached, all hell breaks out until lotion would calm it down.

At this writing, I am happy to report that the burnig has pretty much gone. This burning was apparent durning my ingestion of Lipitor as well as any statins I was put on. My appn't with my Dr. is on the 9th of this month and we will see what he has to say. He did tell me he was not keen on Nician Also said the tightness in my leg muscles was from the nician. Ans also said Nician could be dangerious.

So far the tightness has diminished as well as well as the burning. I will take this as a good sign. Once gone, he said I should take one supp. at a time to isolate the culpret and stop taking it. That sounds like a good plan of attack.

Thanks for all your help, each and everyone who toook the time to answer.

Very much appreciated, N None.

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