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[QUOTE=NHone;2782799]AA, I think your cholesterol is way too low. I don't believe I would be takiing the vytorin at all. What was your cholesterol before the vytorin and the niacin? Red, if you are not already using Coq10 for the gum problems you want to do some research on it. Coq10 is know to be of great success with gum disease. Gum disease can also affect the heart.[/QUOTE]

My cholesterol before Vytorin and niaspan LDL was 128 and HDL was 12.
My heart doctor said he wanted push my bad cholesterol as low as possible, due to the fact that I have very little good cholesterol.

My heart doctor started me on this after I had my 2nd heart attack. Which put me into cardiac arrest, and it took 4 shocks to bring me back.
And now I have heart damage. Left ventricular dysfunction-EF of 33%.

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