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Niaspan is not the drug for you, cook.
It is for people with low HDL's.

Do you know what your HDL was before taking the Niaspan?[/QUOTE]

My HDL was 54 at the time I started Niaspan BUT my HDL has always thoughout life been in the 60's and 70's sometimes 80's when I was exercising.

HDL dropped after going on a very low fat diet to control the LDL. LDL was 200 - after diet and Niaspan it dropped to 115.

Now I am starting to realize that the Niaspan wasn't responsible for the drop in LDL. It was just religious dietary discipline.

It just made my HDL soar which would naturally occur in someone who typically ran a high HDL in life anyway.

Problem is I tried Lipitor and REALLY coudn't tolerate the side effects.


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