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Do request it, Judge.
Homocysteine is a protein that is particulary inflammatory to the artery wall. Some people make too much of it. Controlling a high homocysteine is sometimes just a matter of taking large amounts of cheap folic acid.

CK results are strictly for judging the effects of statins on your muscles.

CRP levels are usually lowered by stain therapy so no, you won't be seeing your pre-statin level, but your POST statin level remains a useful marker.
From, the PROVE-IT-TIMI 22 study:

[QUOTE]Patients in whom statin therapy resulted in LDL cholesterol levels of less than 70 mg per deciliter (1.8 mmol per liter) had lower event rates than those with higher levels (2.7 vs. 4.0 events per 100 person-years, P=0.008). [B]However, a virtually identical difference was observed between those who had CRP levels of less than 2 mg per liter after statin therapy and those who had higher levels[/B] (2.8 vs. 3.9 events per 100 person-years, P=0.006), an effect present at all levels of LDL cholesterol achieved. [/QUOTE]

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