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Since my friend moved in with me in October, I have been enjoying his cooking. But since he has no problems with blood lipids or family history of heart disease, he uses a lot more high-fat meats and far more cooking oils than I normally do, even though most oil is olive oil. Plus, he enjoys sweets and I've started making cookies (with butter) a couple of times a week. Of course, I eat my share of these, too. (Neither of us have a weight problem.) Previously I don't think I'd made a batch of cookies in about 20 years, as my late husband was diabetic. The dietary changes, no doubt, have had a major impact on my blood lipids. However, an additional factor is that in recent months I can't seem to remember to take more than one 250 mg tablet of niacin daily. Before my last test I had been taking 750 mg daily.

I got results of my most recent test from the receptionist by phone yesterday, so have not talked to the doctor yet. But she is NOT going to be happy with me!

Previous results - May 17, 2006

TC - 200
LDL - 101
HDL - 78
Trigs - 105
TC/HDL ratio - 2.6

Recent results - February 16, 2007

TC - 274
LDL - 143
HDL - 115
Trigs - ??? (I forgot to ask) [COLOR="Red"]80 (thanks for that calculation, Lenin)[/COLOR]
TC/HDL ratio - 2.4

My TC this time is only one point less than the highest my test result has ever been, but this time I was taking some niacin (250 mg), whereas when I had the TC of 275 years ago I was not taking any. My HDL this time was by far the highest it has ever been, no doubt from eating all the saturated fat and cholesterol in butter, eggs, beef and pork. One interesting thing is that my TC/HDL ratio this time is the best it has ever been. I don't know what to make of that. A few years ago my doctor wouldn't have been too upset with my results with a ratio like that, but in the last few years she no longer seems to pay any attention to ratio. I'm going to be in for a scolding at my next appointment, I know.

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