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chesters mom,

First try some calcium before bedtime...a glass of milk or a couple Tums. Calves have been cramping at night since the beginning of man's time on Earth so don't jump to conclusions.

Leg pain from statins is better described as an ACHE deep in the muscle, there is no cramping (bunching of muscle.)
They have done study after study. 50% of the people who have coronary artery disease have high cholesterol and 50% don't. In fact in autopsies it has been found that people who supposedly died of CAD did not have any plaque in their arteries, but did have inflammation that had migrated to the coronary arteries. Sometimes the statin/cholesterol studies are misleading in that they group heart failure into the mortality numbers. Heart failure is not CAD. However statins are know to cause death in people with CHF. In no report or study anywhere to date, have statins been shown to increase longevity in women of any condition, and any age. The decrease in heart events was outweighed by the occurance of cancer (mainly breast), and other events because of statins, and cholesterol lowering (with medications). In a Canadian study (on statins) total mortality from heart events was lowered by 1.4 % of those on statins; however, total mortality from all events (including cancer) of those on statins increased by 1.8%.
Another thing they have found with statins and zetia, is that each time the body is rechallenged with a new statin the damage becomes progressive. For example, you try one statin and have problems and stop the statin, thebest you can hope to recover is 80%...the next time you are rechallenged, the best you can hope to recover is 80% of that 80%. The next time 80% of that 80% of that 80%. The body has built in over capacity, but at somepoint the over capacity will be depleted. I don't suspect that you will have an abnormal blood test, as many people don't. They have found that many people had severe muscle damage with quite normal blood test. Muscle biopsy showed up ragged red fibers, indicating muscle damage. The nurse you spoke is unfortunately like the majority of doctors and nurses...they really know nothing about cholesterol except what the drug reps tell them. Even the experts that I don't agree with agree that 50 percent do and 50 percent don't. Oh course the way they move cholesterol numbers, we will all have high cholesterol..... I just read an old article the other day that was written in the late 60's. Normal cholesterol was considered 250-300.
Well, had another blood test. Total had come down from 293 to 236, HDL 60, don't know about LDL. Wanted to change me from Vytorin back to Zocor which I had already taken for 2 mos. and only went down about 15 points with Zocor. Doesn't make sense to me. I got a booklet in the mail recently selling a product that combines the omega 3 fish oil, CQ10, L-Carnitine, Vit. E & B all in one capsule. I'm not usually much on ordering this type of thing, but thought what the heck. So, I'm going to give it a try. Says it helps Chol. reduces inflamation, excellent antioxident, and increased energy. Probably wasting my money, but I'm leaving the statins alone for the time being.

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