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[QUOTE=MT10149;2866137]Hello everyone!
At that visit the Doctor took my blood. It was a non fasting draw. The results kinda alarming. My numbers were

Total = 163
LDL = unknown
HDL = 34
Triglcerides = 511

my MD though I should try Niaspan 500mg twice a day. And yesterday was the first day I tried it, it was horrible. I itched so bad I could not sleep. Took one in morning and one before bed. I dont want to take it but family has history of heart trouble. My trigs have always been 250/300 no matter what I was on. I am 40 now and a llittle scared.

Niaspan should only be taken at bedtime. You will be miserable if you take it during the day. Also, it is at nightitme that your liver produces most of it's cholesterol, so that is when you want to take Niaspan. Everything I have read says to take it at bedtime.

You should start out on 500 mg for a month... and then increase it to 1000 mg if you are not having much flushing anymore... and repeat this process until you are at 2000 mg.

As far as triglycerides being high... mine are to... and I attribute it to alcohol and sugar. If you want your triglycerides to go down, you need to give up alcohol and sweets. When I did Akins, my triglicerides went from 360 to 120. Now that I'm drinking again, my triglicerides are back up to 300. So... now I have a choice to stop drinking altogether and stop eating sweets, or live with my high triglicerides. Somehow, I think you are probably in the same boat as me.

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