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With borderline high numbers, I have decided to try
to lower my cholesterol with diet and exercise.
The blood test last week was my first ever and
since I am middle aged, I am glad that it was

I thought I had been eating much better the last
couple years, giving up most of the junk food I was
eating each day. Obviously not enough.
I never really watched fats much...didn't think I was
overdoing it.

Please take a look at my sample daily foods and
let me know how it looks.

oats w/ blueberries and cinnamon
1/2 to one whole cup coffee

bowl of vegetable soup OR low fat minestrone soup
8 crackers
chewy granola oat and raisin bar

1/4 c walnuts or pecans
1 banana

salad w/radishes, cucumbers, FF shredded
cheese (may change to low fat shredded cheese, as the FF
is not too pleasing to my taste)
half FF ranch dressing and half FF zesty italian dressing
1 cup frozen mixed vegetables with extra corn added
1/2 to 1 c. red beans and rice
fish (salmon or talapia or ?) twice a week
8 oz. orange juice

If my total calories is not 1200, I may add a chewy
granola bar for dessert to get them up.

I am making sure I walk at least 2 mile a day at
least 6 days a week.
I have increased water intake
and decreased diet cola intake to 1 can a day.
I am trying to get into the habit of having a cup
of green tea each day.

If nothing else, I seem to be losing a little weight
(though I am not overweight, BMI is 23)
and that is a good thing since I have put on a
few pounds in the last few years.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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