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The fish oil doesn't necessarily lower cholesterol, but it is know to reduce inflammation in the arteries. Inflammation should be of much more of a concern than the "numbers". Cholesterol is required to keep things in the cells that should be there and things out of the cells that shouldn't be there (cell permeabiality). You might want to increase the CoQ10. 200-300mg per day should be a maintaince dose. you probably need 600mg if you have a problem, at least for a couple of months. FlowerI don't know how old your doctor is...but i'm guessing he is "outdated" at best. I talked to the Certified Geriatric Pharmacist that helped my mother, and could tell by the expression on her face that something is not right. She also said without the dosages and times of dosage she could not be certain what is going on. She did say you are over dosed (I believe she used the words over-medicated). She went on to say that she doesn't know why doctors don't just raise the dosage on one medication, instead of adding another one. Every increase in number of medications just increases the risk of interaction and decreases the possibility that they can figure out what is and isn't helping. I know doctors get angry when pharmacists say this....but her explanation is that doctors just don't understand the chemistry behind medications. She said chemistry is chemistry, she doesn't need to see a patient to tell you a combination that will or will not work. Sometimes you do want an interaction. That way you can increase the effective dosage without increasing the medication. She did go on to say that some (your) of those combinations can cause an INCREASE in blood pressure. I know a biochemist that doesn't know anything about medications. However ALL medications are required to list their chemical formulation. He can look at this and tell you what is going to happen. (one doctor told me he is so good that he can visualize the molecules in his head). He is also considered an expert on how the body functions, (the body is completely a function of chemical reactions). He said he does not need a handout sheet from the drug rep. He said it is amazing that some of the "rare" side effects listed are going to be a certainty, just because of the chemical reaction caused in the body.

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