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I was off Yasmin for a very long time. I had a Cholesterol test in June 06. It was 183 non-fasting and i thought that was high. My good was 71, which is good, but the bad was high.

Then, I went on the pill July 06. I had another cholesterol test Aug 06. It was 260 total with the good still at 70. This WAS fasting.

The doc thought it was a fluke. He said he has never seen anything like that in a healthy, thin, 28 year old. I had even been exercising MORE in those two months and lost 10 pounds.

Jan 2007 I had another test and it was 260 exactly again. Everything was the same. I was still on pill.

I went off the pill two months ago. I had a test this month and it is 150. The good is still 70.

Isn't this strange to anyone? Could the pill have DONE this??
I was intrigued by the title of this post as I have recently been diagnosed with dyslipidemia.

October 2004:
these numbers were very similar to my numbers back in 1992
LDL- 72
HDL- 34
Total- 120

Feb 2007
LDL- 183
HDL- 59
Total- 256

At this time I really did think about any med changes, but thought it must have been my wieght increase. Then, someone asked me about hormone use and at that point, I decided to stop using my Nuvaring for a while. So , after 2 months off the Nuvaring, here are my current numbers:

LDL- 135
HDL- 47
Total- 201

No diet changes, exercise, or weight loss, simply no Nuvaring for 2 months. I see the doctor next week, but I am trying to figure out if I should use the ring (for help with endometriosis symptoms) and go on a statin to control the lipids, or if I should stop using it all together. I am already experiencing negative effects of being off the ring, but I don't know if the statin therapy is the right thing to do?

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