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I know that progesterone can make your cholesterol go up. I have high cholesterol and I was told that my MD wouldn't even begin to do anything with it while I was pregnant (side effects of meds) and that the levels would show even higher because it was an IVF pregnancy, so I was on progesterone. So, yes the pills will make your cholesterol go up. Would they still be high without them? Who knows. Is there another option for BC? I have had a tubal ligation, so I am typically not taking the pill and now I just started Vytorin this week since my Total Cholesterol is over 300 and my Triglycerides is over 400.

What I have no idea is if you had a predisposition to hyperlipidemia and that the progesterone for the pill just showed you now what might have happened a little later in life anyhow. BTW-I am 33 today and I've had high cholesterol for around 7 years. I was going to try to fix it with diet and my MD said that it was just too high to do that.

Good luck with figureing out if you will stay on the pill and add a cholesterol lowering drug or just change your birth control. With your age, I don't really know that there is another option, unless you have all the kids you already want ;)

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