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Hi, I just got my tests back...I went to the dr last week because I was sick with bad stomach pain and diarehha.....I had a ton of tests, including the cholesterol(because I needed it and why have to fast twice for all of the blood tests)....anyways, my tests came back as
triglycerides 69
cholesterol 158
HDL 53
LDL 91
Overall CHOL HDL risk ratio.. 3.0

I believe that is all fine, and actually considered low (the 3.0 risk ratio)
I also got a CRP hs (high sensitivity?) blood test that came back HIGH!! It was 3.9 and results fall under the High cardiovascular risk.....
This is confusing for I a ******d the CRPhs blood test and I dont think it was supposed to be done when I was sick....Im not sure

I would appreciate any advice on why this test was so high, ( I also have a history of MVP and Tris valve regur, and had a stress echo that was normal last year. I am a 38 year old healthy female.)

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