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Mr. Detail. I insisted on a Homocysteine test last 06/30/06 when I had my annual blood test. The Doctor was surprised since patients don't request it and he wasn't certain it would be reimbursed (it was reimbursed). All the Cholesterol results (total, HDL, LDL Trig, Ratio) were in the range but not the Homocysteine. The result was 12 versus reference range of <11.4. The Doctor felt it should be below 10. In December 2006, I read an article that stated it should be below 7 and that a score of 12 placed me at three times the risk of having a heart attack than someone with 7. Since the Homocysteine test is fairly new the blood testing centers have not perfected the range. Since late December, I've been taking a Homocysteine Formula which I purchased at our local heath store (high B6, B12, Folic Acid, TMG). I'll retest for Homocysteine in early July 07. I've since read a second article about the importance of Homocysteine (although the Jury is still out) and that it should be below 7. I don't care to wait for additional Research that may take 5 years or more that indicates the importance of the Homocysteine Test (I'm 67 years old). Therefore, I'm far more concerned about lowering Homocysteine than Total Cholesterol. The Test for Homocysteine is expensive so not all Insurance Providers will cover it. I was willing to pay out of pocket. I was surprised that Medicare covered it.

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